Journal History

The mandatory publication of research findings conducted by students in the Department of Coaching at FIK UNP prior to graduation has been instituted by the Rector of UNP. Consequently, graduating students are obligated to compose articles and submit them to journals. The establishment of the Patriot Journal was undertaken to facilitate the inclusion of articles from students in the coaching department who are on the verge of graduating, ensuring a seamless process in finding suitable journals. The presence of the Patriot Journal is anticipated to assist graduating students in the publication of their articles. This publication requirement also yields a positive impact, as it motivates students to refine their writing skills. Additionally, the legibility and accessibility of their research findings will be significantly enhanced. With their articles featured in the Patriot Journal, individuals can readily read and cite their work at any time and location, provided internet access is available.

The Patriot Journal was initially established and made accessible online in late 2018, under the management of Romi Mardela, M.Pd, a lecturer in the Coaching Department at FIK UNP. In early 2019, the journal proposed an e-ISSN, which was subsequently obtained in the same year. In mid-2019, the management of the journal underwent a change in leadership from Romi Mardela, M.Pd to Jeki Haryanto, S.Si., M.Pd. Presently, the Patriot Journal is indexed in Google Scholar, Garuda, Neliti, and BASE. In February 2021, the journal achieved Sinta 4 accreditation. In response to feedback from assessors, the Patriot Journal template underwent minor modifications to align with their stipulations. Commencing with Volume 3, Number 1, 2021, published articles feature the updated Patriot Journal template. As of 2024, starting with Volume 6, Number 1, all articles are published in English, with the intention of broadening the scope for both authors and readers.